What is the difference between Baamboozle Basic and Baamboozle+?

Baamboozle Basic is a free version that gives you access to the basic tools. With it you can create and edit games up to 24 questions, play games made by others, use 2 to 4 teams. Baamboozle+ has more options and features that make creating and playing games even more fun. 

Number of teams

More options for the teams - you can play with only 1 user if you teach one-on-one classes or create up to 8 teams to encourage work in smaller groups. 

Image size

With Baamboozle+ you can upload “heavier” images and gifs in higher resolution - no need to compromise on the quality of your visuals. 

Number of questions

Make longer, more informative games - create up to 48 questions.  

Copy and edit games

Some games created by other teachers may not fit your exact requirements, but instead of creating a game from scratch you can copy and edit existing games. It will not change the original game, but make a copy in your dashboard and provide access to the content. 

Access Slideshows

Our newest addition to the teaching tools! Slides are created automatically when you create a game and a perfect addition to visual teaching and lesson explanation. And after you can review the same subject with a game! 

New power-ups 

Make games even more exciting with the new power-ups and game options.  


The organization is the teacher’s best friend. Now you can separate games by topics or lessons or groups. It saves time and helps you navigate your personal game library faster. 

Private games

This setting allows you to lock the visibility of the games and make them accessible only for you. Perfect if you use some exclusive materials or special games designed for your students only. 

Priority customer support

Don’t get us wrong - we care about each and every Baamboozle user, but because we are a small team sometimes it can be a lot of work and take time for issues to resolve. Baamboozle+ users get priority support from our team. 


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